EMR guidelines for managers

By Naomi Muinga Moderator | 16 Nov, 2016

There are many useful guidelines 'out there' that outline how to implement EMRs/EHR/Health IT systems. My concern however, is that these may be available in locations where one has to pay and in formats that are not user friendly to hospital managers in LMICs(Mostly with a medical background) and are tasked with procuring these systems for their hospitals.

Are there good examples of brief yet clear documents(published or not) that a hospital manager could refer to when making these desicions to procure Health IT systems for their facilities?



Niamh Darcy Replied at 9:24 AM, 16 Nov 2016

Tanzania has released their official Integrated Health Facility electronic Management System (iHFeMS) national guidelines. I am not sure if these are publicly available or not but they were formally launched.
These are very comprehensive about what a HF needs to include for a complete management system, with some EMR functions (but these are going to be included later in an addendum that focuses on EMR).

Also, Kenya has I believe released their EMR guidelines.

Both of these countries are in LMIC and address the needs.

Naomi Muinga Moderator Replied at 1:41 PM, 16 Nov 2016

Thanks Niamh. Looking forward to seeing the Tanzanian guidelines when they
become public.

True, Kenya has EMR guidelines.

What I wonder if there exists is a simplified version targeted at managers.

In our interactions with managers we often mention that guidelines exists
but some still ask for a simple document to guide them.

Naomi Muinga Moderator Replied at 1:44 PM, 16 Nov 2016

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