Violence and Public Health

By Thomas Bauer Moderator | 12 Oct, 2016

Last week I posted an article on gun violence that resulted in a large number of comments. Thank you to those who responded. Violence causes more than 1.6 million deaths worldwide every year. Violence is one of the leading causes of death in all parts of the world for persons ages 15 to 44. [Krug EG et al., eds. World report on violence and health. Geneva, World Health Organization, 2002. Via CDC]

35 percent of women worldwide have reported they had experienced violence in their lifetime, whether physical, sexual, or both. One in 10 girls under the age of 18 were forced to have sex. [UN Report on violence against women worldwide, 2015]

In 1996 the World Health Assembly declared violence “a leading worldwide public health problem.” The search for answers has meet with limited success according to the World Health Organization.

As we all know violence is a multifaceted issue and clearly no one solution will suffice in meeting this public health issue. I am curious what solutions (or bundle of solutions) have been tested and proven successful for the various root causes of violence?