Congo: Health Data Strengthening

By nohemie mawaka | 07 Oct, 2016

Hi everyone,
My name is Nohémie Mawaka, a recent masters graduate from Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) specializing in global health research within the context of sub-saharan africa. I am moving to Congo (my native country) in January, and I have recently partnered with some clinics in Congo (DRC), in wanting to pilot a clinical data-based to strengthen the local research capacity. To do so, I have created a survey targeting research in the North and South, and hear from you in regards to the importance of data within global health and see its feasibility for Congo.

Please take 10 minutes of your time to answer the following survey, as it would be really helpful to me when applying for funding and crowd-funding, as I intend to be the lead investigator, along with other scholars from Congo and Canada. Thank you so much: