A snapshot of the current state of the NHS in 2016 - What Do You Think?

By Holly Barry | 02 Nov, 2016

It appeared in the Telegraph a couple of days ago that the NHS is, as we are aware, underfunded and bound to make cuts to the services and introduce more rationing. The Government claims that it is increasing spending on the health service by £10 billion over the next five years too, but, as the tennis match continues to play out across the media, recent statistics have emerged on the actual current state of the NHS and where we currently stand. Do you think the media are reporting the true facts of what we are facing with our NHS or are we simply being scaremongered into believing the negatives?

I will let you decide...

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Thomas Bauer Moderator Replied at 12:24 PM, 8 Nov 2016


It seems like the impact of media and public opinion has also become a hot topic in this year's American Presidential Election.