Policymakers, national control program professionals, and practitioners problem solve and exchange best practices in this community with the goal of improving the prevention, management and treatment of malaria.

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This Expert Panel will explore strategies for strengthening and scaling the community health workforce to generate value in health care delivery.

June 12, 2017 - June 16, 2017

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McGill Summer Institute in Infectious Diseases and Global Health


-------------------------------------------- great job! All the best! read more

Updated: 20 Nov, 2016
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Risk Factors for Plasmodium falciparum Gametocyte Positivity in a Longitudinal Cohort

Pierre Bush, PhD replied

Abu, You are most welcome. Indeed this is a continuous effort that will culminate in the ultimate elimination of malaria. read more

Updated: 19 Nov, 2016
Replies: 2

Teaching cultural Competency in Global Health

Isabelle Celentano replied

Thank you both! Ruth–wonderful to hear from someone studying this. I'm including one of the Arthur Kleinman's pieces on the cultural competency problem for those who are interested, it's a great read with a lot of other relevant resources. read more

Updated: 16 Nov, 2016
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Disseminating Information: new WHO toolkit for Integrated Vector management for Sub-Saharan Africa

Menyanga Abu replied

Hi Manyasi The fact is not necessarily getting rid of the mosquitoes but to break the transmission of malaria. There could be mosquitoes around that are not carrying the malaria parasites so cannot transmit them. read more

Updated: 15 Nov, 2016
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