Palliative care in Nepal

By Gary Parkes | 27 Oct, 2016

Palliative care is not new in Nepal but having dedicated staff trained in the area is new. THis Christian mission hospital has a long history of employing counselers (Social Services) who are available to speak to patients wnd their relatives on a deeper level about their worries and concerns and spiritual needs as well as theit financial needs.
How they balance these tasks amazes me. However we now have a new innovation with the allocation of a Palliative Care Nurse available to patients, relatives staff and doctors.
I have called this trained nurse to help on three occasions in three days. Non of the cases have been for terminal cancer. One was a small child dying of massive burns, one a patient with end stage cardiorespiratory failure and the third a lady with Severe dementia who had been to multiple hospitals (family looking for a cure) and for three weeks had stopped eating. The family are demanding intervention with i/v fluids and ng feeding etc. The help of the palliative care nurse has been excellent and would recommend such an innovation to any institution dealing with a diverse range of needs.



Thomas Bauer Replied at 12:40 PM, 27 Oct 2016


Congratulations on your wonderful work in Nepal. The prevalence of hospitals with a palliative care team increased from 24.5% to (61%) from 2000 to 2012. I personally believe Palliative Care will continue to grow in the USA as the baby boomers age and this profession continues to fill a much needed service


Sumitra Sharma Replied at 3:38 AM, 28 Oct 2016


Really nice to hear about your work and your perspective on the palliative
care over Nepal. I am a community health nurse and now working as lecturer
in one medical college in Kathmandu. I have been to many periphery regions
where I really find the lacking over the palliative care by the nurses or
by other health care professionals. And always wanted to take an efforts
for developing and promoting the horizon of palliative care in Nepal.

I would be grateful to learn more about your movements over palliative care
in Nepal. My email: , I would love to read from you and
want to know more about it.

Sumitra Sharma *(M.Sc. Community Health Nursing)*
Lecturer, Department of Nursing
KMCTH, Sinamangal
Kathmandu, Nepal