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Healthcare Reforms in Pakistan

by Saad Hashmi

In view of existing challenges regarding provision of healthcare services in remote areas,I tried to build a layout of healthcare model in order to bridge gaps in services. read more

Updated: 28 Oct, 2016
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Palliative care in Nepal

Sumitra Sharma replied

Gray, Really nice to hear about your work and your perspective on the palliative care over Nepal. I am a community health nurse and now working as lecturer in one medical college in Kathmandu. I have been to many periphery regions where I really find the lacking over the palliative ... read more

Updated: 28 Oct, 2016
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Congo: Health Data Strengthening

Margaret Chirgwin replied

Stella - FYI Walter Rodney who wrote the book I referred to: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa is a Guyanese historian who was assassinated in Guyana in 1980 An interesting man. The second document merely shows the flows of aid into Africa and the flows of resources out and shows ... read more

Updated: 10 Oct, 2016
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Global Health Diplomacy on Coursera

by Seye Abimbola

Dear Colleagues, I wanted to let you know that my friend and colleague Gabrielle Fitzgerald has developed an online course on Global Health Diplomacy, which is now live on Coursera, an online learning community with over 15 million global users. In her career, Gabrielle has seen how global health diplomacy ... read more

Updated: 09 Oct, 2016
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