Protocol for AFB smear staining

Murtada Osman replied

Dear Cedric Cheung Sputum concentration in this situation will not increase the positivity rate (Low postivity among TB suspects) my be due to low prevalence in the community.(For sputum you need 5000-10.000 Bacilli/ml for positive sample which can be detected by microscope). In my opinion to look for new rapid ... read more

Updated: 02 Nov, 2016
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Tackling the Opioid Epidemic: Implications for Care Delivery

by Thomas Bauer

Last week I posted a comment on the Opioid epidemic and its impact..... Join experts and the GHDonline communities beginning November 7 – 11, 2016 to discuss the implications of the opioid epidemic on care delivery. The panel will discuss the drastic surge in the use of highly addictive prescription ... read more

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National strategies to reduce the burdens of TB in Egypt


Greetings Ibrahim, Setting the objectives of a National TB strategic plan (NSP) is part of the overall and complex process of its development, which is well guided in the "Toolkit to develop a NSP for TB prevention, care and control" published by WHO in 2015 and accessible at www.who.int The ... read more

Updated: 30 Oct, 2016
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Principles of Tuberculosis Care and Prevention


Good news I am ready but the registration system does not permit access The organizing committee should make friendly user access for registrations and/or contact person to whom mails must go The system is requesting passwords and get rejected and stuff Please easy the system Thanking you read more

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Use of different tuberculin unit (2 TU, 5 TU, 10 TU) and its impact on tuberculin skin test

Edward Nardell, MD replied

TST and IGRAs (QFTgold and TSpot-TB) agree most of the time, except when BCG is the cause of a pos TST, whereas IGRAs should be negative if there is no true infection. In practice, the two tests measure related but different immune responses. TST uses many more antigens in PPD ... read more

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Edward Nardell, MD replied

Thanks for asking. Ozone generators have no place in hospitals or other occupied spaces at ozone is a lung irritant. We have seen room air cleaner that incorporated ozone production to produce that clean smell you experience after an electrical storm, but they were considered unsafe. I have never seen ... read more

Updated: 19 Oct, 2016
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TB controle at the community level. Lack of evidence

by Elhadji Mamadou Dioukhane

Hi all I am looking for community interventions to fight against TB in an urban area. Thank you for your thoughts. read more

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WHO recommends new tuberculosis test (TB - LAMP)

Dodge Lim replied

Hi Prof Ana Bacudio, We are cordially inviting you to attend the Official Launch of the TB Diagnostic Research Collaboration between Japan and the Philippines on October 14, 2016 (9AM-1 PM) at the Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros Manila. This official launch of the TB research collaboration will be participated by ... read more

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