National strategies to reduce the burdens of TB in Egypt

By Ibrahim El-Bayoumy | 21 Oct, 2016

How to develop a protocol to reduce the burdens of TB in Egypt
Objectives? Methodology ?



Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 1:12 PM, 21 Oct 2016

Developing a TB Control Strategy for Egypt is a complex request that could
take a group of experts many months to accomplish.

It is beyond the scope of the TB Infection Control Community.

amal salah eldin Replied at 3:31 AM, 24 Oct 2016

Dear D. Ibrahim
It is pleasure to join GHD online , there is a national TB program in Egypt since 1990 , we had developed several strategic plans for the program to decrease the burden of TB and recently for MDR-TB beside treatment guidelines ,TB infection control and TB Lab guidelines , last update was at 2015 , also there are focal persons at all governorates responsible in implementation of the strategic plan ,we had held meetings at all governorates including Gharbia to advocate for the strategic plan ,
So please for any more information please do not hesitate to contact NTP Egypt

Ibrahim El-Bayoumy Replied at 1:12 PM, 24 Oct 2016

Thank you Dr Amal
I am full professor of public health and preventive medicine-Tanta faculty of medicine-Egypt
I am working in MOH-Kuwait
I hope to get the proposal for reducing the burdens of TB in Egypt as a file or attachment
Thanks a lot
Please reply me soon
Dr Ibrahim ElBayoumy
my email :

migambi patrick Replied at 2:41 AM, 25 Oct 2016

Thx Dr Amal
I am the Rwanda NTP manager and congratulate you for this strategy. I am interesting to know about infection control and TB Lab guidelines. Also to learn more about surveillance of TB among HCW.
my email is

CLAUDE RUTANGA Replied at 4:12 AM, 30 Oct 2016

Greetings Ibrahim,

Setting the objectives of a National TB strategic plan (NSP) is part of the overall and complex process of its development, which is well guided in the "Toolkit to develop a NSP for TB prevention, care and control" published by WHO in 2015 and accessible at
The WHO toolkit defines five components to develop a comprehensive NSP, in line the JANS (Joint Assessment of National Strategies and Plans tool) criteria, while the setting of objectives and goal clearly falls under the FIRST COMPONENT known as the Core Plan of the NSP.
The other components are :
- An operational plan
- An M&E plan
- A Technical assistance plan under which you define the need of external/international expertise to assist the NTP/MOH to make a
comprehensive, sound, robust and visionary NSP. (....Edward Nardel has already said this before,... it's a complex task that requires a group of
experts and that can take a couple of weeks to be accomplished)
- A detailed, realistic and customized budget plan

Regarding the methodology, you can get the WHO flow chart of the process of the development of the TB NSP, to catch at a glance the key steps and elements/considerations of each step of the process. See attached document.

I have developed a couple of TB NSP for West African countries/NTP along with their Monitoring & evaluation and budget plans.
If you have any more specific question on this, contact me directly on my email address: "".
It has taken me 6 weeks to complete a TB NSP including the national validation workshops, 2 weeks for the M&E Plan and 3 weeks for the budget plan.
Thanks for your question and hope these few words are helpful.

Humbly yours,

Claude Rutanga.

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