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Malaria Treatment & Prevention

Releasing genetically modified mosquitoes?

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District approved a trial of genetically modified mosquitoes designed to curb the spread of infectious diseases, such as Zika, dengue, and chikungunya. Read more

MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention

Where is lung resection surgery for DR-TB being performed?

Many patients with DR-TB would benefit from lung resection surgery but do not have access to this type of sophisticated surgical management. Community members share locations (surgeons, hospitals, countries) where lung resection surgery for DR-TB is currently being performed. Read more

Non-Communicable Diseases

Why are NCDs underfunded?

Lack of data, weak evidence for interventions, fragmentation of the NCD community, ineffective framing, vested commercial interests, inopportune timing, and the sheer scale and complexity of the problem all contribute. What is your experience? Do these factors resonate? Read more

Case Studies

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